Health and Swell-ness 🌊

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Reduce Anxiety

Water can be stressful if you don't know how to swim. Cover the basics in a single lesson and learn to relax in the water.

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Build Confidence

Learn how to swim and directly protect yourself and your loved ones from water related accidents.

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Join in the Fun

Invest in learning this essential life skill today and you'll enjoy aquatic adventures for the rest of your life.

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Real Instructors, Real Results

“Choosing an instructor at a beautiful downtown hotel pool couldn’t have been easier and we crushed floats, glides, and breathing in a single lesson! After being embarrassed and scared of the water my whole life, all I could think was why haven’t I done this sooner?!”
— Sarah H.


Exclusive Access to Incredible Pools

From free towel service and wifi to lounge chair seating and hot tubs, these pools have it all.


What Others Are Saying


Immediate Results

I was in a car accident awhile ago and my doctor and therapist suggest that I should start working out in the water instead of a regular gym. I took only two lessons and now I feel completely confident to go swim laps on my own. Swimming is now my new norm and I can’t thank Jennifer enough for making swimming a part of my exercise routine again!
— Mandy M.

Overcoming Embarassment

As the pools are in hotels and gyms, they are empty most of the time - that was definitely advantageous as I am a bit embarrassed about my lack of ability!
— Jas G.

Flexible Scheduling

With a busy work schedule, I really appreciate the flexibility to schedule lessons on days I’m available and not just on set days of the week like with a community centre class. I further appreciate the flexibility to re-schedule 48 hours in advance, since life happens.
— Wilbert W.

Elevated Experience

The pool is nice and warm, the area is clean, the change room was clean and there was only one other child and another instructor in the pool. It felt nice to not have to listen to all of the noise at the public swimming lessons. The one hour private lesson was worth every penny and very enjoyable!!
— Sue L.