How to Access the Pool

For swim lessons at the Fitness 2000

Where To Go

The Fitness 2000 pool is located just off Lougheed Hwy at 9304 Salish Court


Where to Park

Parking is free in any Fitness 2000 Member Parking lot. Just provide your license plate number to the Front Desk when you arrive to validate your complimentary parking.

Follow the Signs for Fitness 2000

Depending on how you entered the building there will be several hallways to go through before you reach the front desk.


Sign In and Validate Parking

Right around this corner is the Front Desk. If there is a line, please wait your turn.

Both Instructors and Clients: Visit the front desk, let them know you’re there for a Propel swim lesson and once signed in, get waved through.

Don't forget to validate parking here.


Ring the Bell - Get Buzzed In

Follow the signs towards the pool. Ring the bell on the right side of the door and the staff will buzz you in.


Change If You Need To

The male and female changing rooms are located down this hallway next to the water fountain.


Head to the Pool Entrance

Head back down the hallway and into the room with the blue walls. The pool is located just beyond the grey door.


Arrive at the Pool

The instructor and client will meet on the pool deck at the time of the lesson. Note that clients are not permitted to use the pool or hot tub without the instructor present.

If there are any problems regarding scheduling, meeting each other, or the use of the facility, please direct these to Propel, at or +1-833-977-6735.

Note to Instructors

The lock combination for the equipment box is 7946. If you forget, it spells SWIM on a number keypad. Feel free to store your belongings in there during your lessons and please ensure you put everything away and lock the box back up when you are done.