How to Access the Pool

For swim lessons at the Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre


Where To Go

The Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre is located at 3063 South Service Rd


Where to Park

Free parking is available on all sides of the building.

Instructors Check-In

Instructors visit the front desk to receive their access card and a key to the equipment room. Clients do not need to check-in since they are not given an access card.

Head Right of the Restaurant

The pool is located just past the Alloro restaurant.

Meet at the Pool Entrance

Instructors and Clients meet at the pool entrance at the time of their lesson. The instructor will provide access to the changing room areas of the facility which are just to the left of the pool entrance.

Enjoy Your Lesson

Note that clients are not permitted use of the pool or whirlpool without the instructor present.

If there are any problems regarding scheduling, meeting each other, or the use of the facility, please direct these to Propel, at or +1-833-977-6735.

Note to Instructors

The equipment room towards the back of the pool is locked with a pad lock. The front desk will provide you with the key. If it is your first lesson at this location, the Fitness Director, Dale, may greet you and show you around. Please ensure you put everything away properly after using any equipment and always lock the equipment room back up after exiting.