How to Access the Pool

For swim lessons at the River Rock Casino Resort

Where To Go

The pool is located at the River Rock Casino Resort at 8811 River Rd


Where to Park and Walk

The West Parkade closest to the Casino main entrance is the only one that permits Propel client’s free parking. There is also paid parking in the Hotel at the River Rock (Southern Building).

Careful that you don’t head to the Hotel at the River Rock (Southern Building), as that is the wrong place. Once you've arrived head to the Foyer in between the Casino and Theatre.


Head to the 2nd Floor

Take either the stairs or the elevator to the right of the escalator to the 2nd floor. Do not take the escalator, as it travels between the 1st and 3rd floor, skipping the 2nd floor.

Follow the Hallway

Follow the hallway past the Business Centre and the Absolute Spa.

Arrive at the Pool Entrance

Instructors and Clients meet on the pool deck at the time of their lesson. Note, clients are not permitted to use the pool or hot tub without the instructor present.

If there are any problems regarding scheduling, meeting each other, or the use of the facility, please direct these to Propel, at or +1-833-977-6735.

Note to Instructors

The lock combination for the equipment box is 7946. If you forget, it spells SWIM on a number keypad. Feel free to store your belongings in there during your lessons and please ensure you put everything away and lock the box back up when you are done.