Pool Access

For swim lessons at the Travelodge Chilliwack

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Where To Go

The pool is located at 45466 Yale Road West.


Where To Park

There is free parking in front of the hotel.


Wait in the Lobby

Proceed to the pool only at the time of your lesson.

When To Go 🚦

❌ There is no need for students to check-in with the front desk.

✅ Access to the changing and pool facilities are provided by the instructor at the exact time of your lesson — not before.

Head Around the Front Desk

From the front deck, head right and follow the hallway down.


Head through the Pool Entrance

Enter the pool through this door.

Pool Rules ⚠️

❌ Clients are not permitted use of any facilities without the instructor present.

🚸 For students younger than 16 years of age, at least one parent or guardian must stay and observe the lesson.

Note to Instructors

The lock combination for the equipment box is 7946. If you forget, it spells SWIM on a number keypad. Feel free to store your belongings in there during your lessons and please ensure you put everything away and lock the box back up when you are done.

Don't Forget ☝️

🔑 Visit the front desk and once verified you’ll receive an access card.

🔓 The lock combination for the equipment box is 7946.

🗓 Report any problems or no-shows through your Propel calendar.