Last Update: 04/17/2019

Plain English Short Version

Get $200 when you refer a new instructor to Propel
- The referred instructor must complete 50 lessons within a 6 month period

Get a $300 bonus to become a Propel instructor
- You must complete 30 lessons within a 3 month period

Legalese Version

$300 New Instructor Sign Up Bonus DETAILS

Propel may from time to time offer a $300 CAD Sign Up Bonus to new instructors who sign up with Propel and complete a minimum number of lessons within 3 months of their first lesson being taught. Payment for this bonus will be made will be paid after the instructor has taught to completion, their 30th lesson delivered through Propel. This bonus payment will be added to an instructors next scheduled payout once the bonus requirements are met and confirmed. The instructor must complete all 30 lessons within a 3 month period.

$200 Instructor Referral REWARD DETAILS

Propel may from time to time offer a $200 CAD Referral Reward to referrers who may be existing Propel instructors, new or existing Propel clients, or Propel cross promotional partners. When the referrer refers a new instructor who signs up with Propel, a reward of $200 CAD or Propel lesson credit of equal amount will be awarded after the referred instructor has taught their 50th lesson to completion. The referred instructor must complete all 50 lessons within a 6 month period. Lesson credit reward payments will be added to a client’s account once the bonus requirements are met and confirmed. Monetary reward payments will be added to a referring instructor’s next scheduled payout once the bonus requirements are met and confirmed. Monetary reward payments will be paid to cross promotional partners via e-transfer once the bonus requirements are met and confirmed.

Everything Else

Thank you for helping to grow the Propel community. From time to time, Propel may invite you to participate in one of its referral programs to encourage people to sign up with Propel. Participating in a referral program (either by referring your friends or family or signing up with a referral code) can be a great way for clients, instructors, and facility hosts (collectively “Propel users”) to receive Propel credits or earn extra money (each a "Referral Reward").

Propel Referral Program rules (the "Rules") apply to referral programs that are administered solely by Propel. By accepting and sharing your referral code or by signing up with a referral code, you are agreeing to be bound by these Rules. Any violation of these Rules will not only prevent you from participating in any Propel referral program (now or in the future), but could also result in the forfeiture or retraction of Propel credits, money, or other rewards earned through the program and even the deactivation of your account.

In addition, there may be other terms that apply to your Referral Reward based on the city where you signed up, including what actions you may need to take as well as the type and amount of the Referral Reward. See the additional terms that came with your invitation or those provided in our app or website when you made your referral.

Please note that these Rules are in addition to the Terms of Service governing your use of Propel's apps as well as any agreement (if one exists) between you and Propel or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates related to your interactions with Propel.

1. Who is eligible to be a referrer/inviter?

Anyone may be a referrer/inviter who (a) is a legal resident of his/her country, (b) is of legal age where they live, and (c) has an Propel account in good standing. Referrers/inviters can be any type of Propel user; however, they cannot have more than one account for each Propel product or service.

2. Who is eligible to be a referee/invitee?

Your friends, family, and other people you know (but not yourself) may be eligible to be referees/invitees. To determine eligibility, keep in mind the following stipulations:

Eligible referees/invitees for those who order services through an Propel app or website:

To receive a Referral Reward for referring someone who orders services through a Propel app, your referee/invitee and their students — if they are a client, must (a) be a new Propel user of that service, (b) meet the conditions Propel has for using the app or website, and (c) complete the actions required by the specific referral program (i.e. receives a booked lesson or delivers a set number of lessons through the Propel app).

Eligible referees/invitees for those who provide services through a Propel app:

To receive a Referral Reward for referring someone who provides services through an Propel app, your referee/invitee must (a) not have previously booked, taught, hosted, or applied or signed up to book, teach, or host with Propel; (b) meet all the conditions Propel has for becoming a Propel User; (c) use your referral code when they sign up or book; (d) complete the specific number of lessons within the time period specified by the program; and (e) take any other actions required by the specific referral program. Your referees/invitees can be referred only once, so if someone else has referred them and they have accepted that invitation they will not be able to accept yours.

Referrers/inviters cannot book themselves as an instructor or host, have someone else teach or host for them, create duplicate/multiple accounts, accept bookings without the intent to complete them, claim false fees or charges, manipulate booking details, or do anything else prohibited by Propel Terms of Service.

If you are providing Propel with the contact information for your referees/invitees, you represent that you have the right to provide that information.

  1. How can I use my referral code?

Propel has the right to limit the number of times you may use or share your referral code based on the referral program in which you participate. To see if your code has a limit, refer to the terms of the specific referral program in which you are participating.

Propel wants you to share your referral code and earn Referral Rewards, but referral codes must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes. This means that you can share your referral code only with people you know. You agree that you will not:

  1. Duplicate, sell, or transfer your referral code in any manner or make it available to the general public (such as by printing it on business cards; posting it on a coupon website, job website [or using it as part of a job application], Amazon, EBay, Fiverr, Craigslist, RetailMeNot, Reddit, Wikipedia; or using paid social media or paid search);

  2. Try to get referees/invitees by spamming, bulk emailing, or sending large numbers of unsolicited emails. The only people you should be emailing are people you know personally;

  3. Use, display, or manipulate Propel intellectual property (such as Propel's logos, trademarks, and copyright-protected works) in any way, except as to identify yourself as a Propel user, Propel referrer/inviter, or referrer/inviter for Propel;

  4. Create or register any (i) businesses, (ii) URLs, (iii) domain names, (iv) software application names or titles, or (v) social media handles or profiles that include the word "Propel" or any of Propel's other trademarks or any words that are confusingly similar to Propel's trademarks.

  5. Use Propels's trademarks as your social media profile picture or wallpaper or use any of Propel's copyright-protected works (such as graphics, photos, images, drawings, and screenshots from Propel's website or app) without Propel's express written permission;

  6. Purchase keywords (including, but not limited to Google AdWords) that contain any of Propel's trademarks;

  7. Use automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute, post, or otherwise share your referral code;

  8. Use scripts or programmed or automatic dialers to send invites or otherwise share your referral code;

  9. Make misleading claims about Propel, use offensive/abusive content, create fake websites/webpages/social media profiles/apps, misrepresent your connection to Propel, or otherwise make any false or misleading statements to get a referee/invitee to use your code; or

  10. Use your referral code in any manner that violates the law or the rights of anyone else.

Remember, when you share your referral code, you should explain that you are an Propel referrer.

  1. How do I earn my Referral Reward as a referrer/inviter?

As long as you and your referee/invitee follow these Rules and the Terms of Service governing your use of Propel's apps, you should receive your Referral Reward after your referee/invitee uses your code to sign up with Propel and completes the requirements for the particular Referral Reward (such as completing the minimum number of lessons for clients or instructors. For instructor referrals, each completed lesson counts toward the minimum hours required to redeem a referral offer. For clients booked lessons must be completed. Cancelled lessons do not count toward these minimum requirements.

Referral Rewards are discretionary and the amount of a Referral Reward and the requirements to get it can vary both by city and within a city. As a result, if your referee/invitee signs up in a city that is different from yours, they may receive a different referral offer than the one stated in your invitation (they may receive the offer available in their sign-up city). That means you might end up with a different Referral Reward than you thought (you may receive the Referral Reward available for the invitee's sign-up city). Please note that although you can invite someone in a different city, you cannot invite anyone in a different country.

Propel reserves the right to set a limit on the number of times you may use your referral code. The requirements for receiving, and the amounts of, Referral Rewards are subject to change at Propel's sole discretion. Referral Rewards in the form of Propel credits are not transferable, have no cash value, and may expire.

  1. How can I earn a Referral Reward as a referee/invitee?

For clients, referees/invitees may get a discount the first time they use a Propel app. The amount and form of the discount will be shown in their invitation. For instructors and hosts, referees/invitees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of lessons they made after signing up through an invitation. The terms of those offers will be shown in their invitation.

  1. Termination and changes

Propel reserves the right to change, end, or pause, in whole or in part, any referral program, as well as any referrer/inviter's or referee/invitee's ability to participate in any referral program or receive Referral Rewards at any time for any reason, including suspected fraud (including by either the referrer and/or referee/invitee), abuse, or any violation of these Rules. If Propel ends any referral program, any unused or unredeemed Referral Rewards may be forfeited at that time, provided we give you 14 days of notice to use or redeem your Referral Rewards.

Propel may update these Rules at any time. If Propel makes an update, Propel will post the update on the website and applications and provide you notice of the update. Continued participation in any referral program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update.